Anyone want to read a Self-insert?


Mister Buch: The ending, Capaldi's acting, the relationship between him and Clara, and the villain though - superb. I have high hopes! Aug 23, 2014 22:19:54 GMT 1
Gorvar: He hates it because the new Doctor hates the English. See if it were a giant Ape, Buch would've loved this. Aug 23, 2014 23:18:28 GMT 1 *
Mister Buch: I liked it quite a bit, overall! Looking forward to next week. I thought the new Doctor was fantastic. Got moved at the end - loved the phone call, loved his destroying the baddie with *empathy*. YES. And honestly - much prefer Scotland to England. ;p Aug 23, 2014 23:35:36 GMT 1
Gorvar: Haggis, mothafucka! Aug 23, 2014 23:47:01 GMT 1
Mister Buch: I don't like haggis. I'll give you that. Aug 23, 2014 23:48:02 GMT 1
Gorvar: Misses Gorvar's brother ate that three days in a row...once fried! He is a braver...but also more foolish man then i am. Aug 23, 2014 23:56:43 GMT 1
Mister Buch: Gorvar. NOBODY is braver or more foolish than you. Aug 23, 2014 23:59:01 GMT 1
Gorvar: You are goddamn right. Aug 24, 2014 12:28:22 GMT 1
Iron Madenson: But in the right hands, haggis tastes like might fine ass... Aug 25, 2014 17:36:10 GMT 1
Mister Buch: Haha. Well that's what they say, north of the border. Especially to tourists or on Burns night. I suspect they're lying. Aug 25, 2014 18:27:12 GMT 1 *
Cali: Pika...? Aug 25, 2014 19:58:35 GMT 1
Lily Ariel Black: Pika... pikaaa... CHUUU! :P Aug 25, 2014 20:08:22 GMT 1
Cali: CHAAAAAAAAAAA! Aug 26, 2014 0:31:33 GMT 1
Lily Ariel Black: Aaand Pikachu is the only Pokemon I know anything about, so I've exhausted my Pokemon knowledge there... :D Aug 26, 2014 22:32:13 GMT 1
Gorvar: I know the first 251 Aug 26, 2014 23:00:02 GMT 1
Cali: I've forgotten nearly all of them. Aug 26, 2014 23:49:00 GMT 1
Mr. Glow: I like that recent one. The one that's an ice cream cone that evolves into a two-scoop ice cream cone. They've still got it. Aug 27, 2014 0:53:10 GMT 1
Cali: I completely forgot Michael Jordan tried to bring back the Hitler mustache in that one commercial. It's as if he was gearing up for a Barkley: Shut Up and Jam motion picture. Aug 27, 2014 2:50:55 GMT 1
Mr. Glow: That's the one video game to film adaptation I actually want to see. Dinosaur Barkley, the Ghost Dad battle, and the Chaos Dunk in IMAX 3D. Get your shit together, Hollywood. Aug 27, 2014 4:41:01 GMT 1
Gorvar: Hey, you guys should check out Barkley; Shut and Jam Gaiden, a Final Fantasy-esque RPG based in a neo apocalyptic world where basketball is banned because Barkley caused the apocalypse by DUNKING THE BALL SO DAMN HARD IT BROKE THE WORLD! Aug 27, 2014 9:30:35 GMT 1