Anyone want to read a Self-insert?


bxa: Loved Twilight Princess. Less enthusiastic about Skyward Sword (Link looks like a girl on my Wii) Never played the others Jan 20, 2015 0:22:23 GMT 1
Mister Buch: Big fan of Ocarina of Time and the original NES game here. Never really 'got' the others. Jan 20, 2015 1:03:39 GMT 1
Tillian Panthesis: I like Ocarina of Time, but I haven't played any other zelda games after that, mainly because I don't own a gamecube, the wii or a wii u. Still I really want to try Wind Waker. Jan 21, 2015 17:16:35 GMT 1
Mister Buch: I generally like Zelda games but always start to feel like they're too much 'hard work'. There's a lot of map making and dying. And listening to that annoying beep when your health is low. Jan 23, 2015 0:08:35 GMT 1
Tillian Panthesis: I dunno, Zelda seemed relaxing to me, compare to gamnes like Dark Souls, I want to be the guy, Mario Kaizo, etc. Jan 23, 2015 17:01:11 GMT 1 *
Mr. Glow: Didn't Mario Kaizo write The Godfather? Jan 23, 2015 17:44:59 GMT 1
Clint Johnston: Mario Puzo Jan 23, 2015 19:19:20 GMT 1
Mr. Glow: There's still a scene where Marlon Brando jumps into a sewer pipe to escape his hitmen though, right? Jan 24, 2015 1:18:41 GMT 1
Mr. Glow: I'm sure I remember that. And at the end, Michael runs through a field jumping on all The Turk's men's heads. Jan 24, 2015 1:49:28 GMT 1
jklinders: That's too sane an approach. Let's just change the soundtrack on the movie to the Super Mario bros music. Not one piece of the original OST should be left, just SMB music. That and some shrooms should make some interesting watching. Jan 24, 2015 10:59:30 GMT 1
Lord Gorvar: I remember Bob Hoskins making Dennis Hopper a offer he couldn't refuse in the classic Super Mario Bros movie. Jan 24, 2015 11:01:12 GMT 1 *
jklinders: Was that in the movie, or to force him to star in it? Jan 24, 2015 11:01:54 GMT 1
Lord Gorvar: A little bit of culumn a and a little bit of column b. Jan 24, 2015 11:02:46 GMT 1
Mister Buch: Don't worry, people of Sahrnia, your granite quarry is safe now that the Inquisition is here! Also, we found rich veins of silverite and everite ore in the northern caverns, and mined them dry. For free. Enjoy the granite though. Jan 28, 2015 16:51:07 GMT 1 *
Lord Gorvar: Buch is trying to relive the days of the Empire again.... Jan 28, 2015 17:00:05 GMT 1
Tillian Panthesis: Including recruiting people for the Praetorian Army... bad idea, since that's how Emperor Caligula went. Jan 28, 2015 17:06:40 GMT 1
Mister Buch: I went from Inquisitor to King to Caesar there. Everyone should have friends like you two. Jan 28, 2015 19:23:17 GMT 1
Mr. Glow: I also ran around the lake at Sahrnia indiscriminately slaughtering those Snowfleur things to make my Inquisitor a new coat. How did such docile and easy to kill creatures get Tier 3 leather for skin? Checkmate atheists. Jan 28, 2015 19:39:26 GMT 1
Lord Gorvar: You should have my in your council, Buch. I'll TOTALLY NOT stab you in the back. Jan 28, 2015 20:18:13 GMT 1
Mr. Glow: Believing everything everyone says to you, even obvious lies: The Ned Stark approach to politics. Jan 28, 2015 22:01:06 GMT 1