Anyone want to read a Self-insert?


Mr. Glow: What's the first thing you're gonna do in The Witcher 3? May 17, 2015 17:43:18 GMT 1
Mr. Glow: Me? I'm probably gonna do the tutorial. Or install it. May 17, 2015 17:43:30 GMT 1
Cali: I'm probably going to hack something apart. May 17, 2015 23:12:13 GMT 1
Cali: I got attacked by bees in The Witcher 3. I love this game already. May 19, 2015 5:51:10 GMT 1
jklinders: Damned scoiatel elves and their jars of bees...I'm sure Sera was behind that May 19, 2015 9:43:31 GMT 1
Kung Gorvar: If you cheat on Triss and Yenefer you get a special cutscene, i'm told. May 19, 2015 12:55:27 GMT 1
Clint Johnston: BEES??? Oh shit. May 19, 2015 16:13:30 GMT 1
Mr. Glow: "You think a man can love two women at once? I mean, be in love with them?" - Dandelion. May 20, 2015 19:59:19 GMT 1
Mr. Glow: "I don't think man can love. Least, not the way he means." - Geralt. May 20, 2015 19:59:36 GMT 1
Clint Johnston: Well, whoops. Turns out taking the ghost of Fyke Isle to where she wanted was a bad idea. Though the internet is saying it was a tough battle if I didn't. May 24, 2015 17:29:30 GMT 1
Mr. Glow: Don't make me force you to watch an anti-metagaming PSA, Clint... May 24, 2015 20:06:48 GMT 1
Clint Johnston: Anti What? May 26, 2015 2:52:29 GMT 1
Cali: I really hate people who have Kill La Kill anime avatars. May 26, 2015 4:12:46 GMT 1
Kung Gorvar: I'm running out of ideas for Dinosaur May 26, 2015 14:53:06 GMT 1
jklinders: metagaming, Clint is looking up spoilers and building your game strategy or character choices around it May 26, 2015 23:07:39 GMT 1
Clint Johnston: Oh ok. I only looked it up because I anticipated one of the choices leaving the baron's men free to torment the countryside, and I wanted to avoid that choice. And so long as I don't get ahead of myself, I'm cool with it. May 27, 2015 14:12:51 GMT 1
Clint Johnston: Gorvar - Have you done dino assassin? May 27, 2015 14:13:14 GMT 1
Tillian Panthesis: And Argonians. Try those too. May 27, 2015 14:44:55 GMT 1
Kung Gorvar: Oh, I havent considerd those. Thanks guys :D May 27, 2015 16:18:43 GMT 1
Mr. Glow: My life's ambition is to do a badass jump through a window like Will Graham in Manhunter. May 30, 2015 0:22:32 GMT 1