Mock Effect


Cali: *spits out blood and teeth onto the interrogation room floor* Fuck yourself, Glow. You're the one who always changes his avatars like you don't wanna be recognized. You running from somebody, agent-man? Am I onto something? Now gimme my phonecall and cigs. Apr 12, 2014 1:54:48 GMT 1
Cop Gorvar: You better tell my friend here what he wants to hear Cali, he has a very nasty temper. And I am getting....hungry. Apr 12, 2014 12:05:07 GMT 1
Mr. Glow: The best thing about watching a lot of US television is when you see somebody from Firefly and you go, "Hey, that's somebody from Firefly!" Apr 12, 2014 18:41:57 GMT 1
Lily Ariel Black: @ Glow: I had that reaction when watching the movie "Frozen": Alan Tudyk voices the character "The Duke of Weselton", who gets really annoyed when people call him the Duke of Weaseltown... :D Apr 12, 2014 20:36:44 GMT 1
Cop Gorvar: Little off topic but Buch, you mind changing the news reel a little? We're in 2014 now manyun! Apr 12, 2014 21:35:37 GMT 1
Cali: Buch has no power here, Gorvar the Gray... Apr 12, 2014 22:24:07 GMT 1
Lily Ariel Black: That would be Linders now... and Rascarin... Apr 12, 2014 23:02:11 GMT 1
jklinders: Oh, I've been looking at that for a bit and thinking, "hey, I should change that." Apr 12, 2014 23:03:51 GMT 1
jklinders: But then I would not have had this fun game of seeing how long before someone noticed Apr 12, 2014 23:04:15 GMT 1
Lily Ariel Black: Linders can be a troll that way sometimes... :D I love it... Apr 12, 2014 23:05:27 GMT 1
Mister Buch: Can't get the staff these days, I tell you. Apr 12, 2014 23:33:47 GMT 1
Cop Gorvar: Can I get the no-prize? Apr 12, 2014 23:41:19 GMT 1
Cop Gorvar: Someone should stop playing "The Rains of Castamere" at weddings. least for a while....they fit for Dirges to! Apr 14, 2014 21:43:30 GMT 1 *
Mr. Glow: If you type "census taker" into Google Images, you have to go down like two pages before a picture of Hannibal Lecter shows up. That's so lame. Apr 15, 2014 20:49:30 GMT 1
Iron Madenson: Weselton: a good land where we will thrive! Apr 15, 2014 22:59:38 GMT 1
Lily Ariel Black: Ah, yes, the Land of Weasel-Town! - "Its Weselton! WESELTON!" Apr 16, 2014 0:52:00 GMT 1
Lily Ariel Black: Gods bless Alan Tudyk... :D Apr 16, 2014 0:52:19 GMT 1
Lily Ariel Black: Shall we call it: "This Land"? Apr 17, 2014 21:47:37 GMT 1
Cop Gorvar: I'll be the guy who will do the sudden but enivitable betrayal on Buch. Apr 17, 2014 21:53:38 GMT 1
Cali: I dunno, Gorvar. Buch doesn't seem like the type we wanna maroon at sea if we have revenge plots to worry about in the near future. Apr 18, 2014 7:22:05 GMT 1