Mock Effect


Gorvar: The Dear Hunter Sept 11, 2014 16:55:29 GMT 1
Mr. Glow: xXx: State of the Union: An XXX Porn Parody. Sept 11, 2014 18:33:17 GMT 1
Gorvar: Fast and Furious....okay that one wrote itself. Sept 11, 2014 19:08:15 GMT 1 *
Mr. Glow: Tokyo Drift sounds like some sort of exotic STI in this context. Sept 11, 2014 19:11:13 GMT 1
Gorvar: Game of Bones! Wait, that's already a thing....fack! Sept 12, 2014 13:09:17 GMT 1
Tillian Pantheris: Trivia note: The Game of Throne's porn spoof is marginally less dirtier than the actual GoT series, due to the porno version want nothing to do with the incest relationship. Sept 12, 2014 14:28:15 GMT 1
Lily Ariel Black: @ Tillian: That's hilarious and awesome! I didn't know that, but it makes sense... :D Sept 13, 2014 0:48:47 GMT 1
Gorvar: Even Martin said he thought it was rather tame compared to HBO's incarnation haha. Sept 13, 2014 10:45:46 GMT 1
Tillian Pantheris: Ironic don't you think? Sept 13, 2014 15:21:03 GMT 1
Gorvar: As ironic as the Iron Throne itself...ha ha ha. Sept 13, 2014 15:42:06 GMT 1
Gorvar: I'm watching Terra Nova, only saw the first two episodes three years ago....I wanna go there! Call Doc Brown or the Doctor or SOMEBODY! Sept 13, 2014 16:56:06 GMT 1
Mr. Glow: I didn't even have to finish thinking "Isn't that the one with all the dinosaurs?", before I knew it was. Sept 13, 2014 22:29:29 GMT 1
Gorvar: I am a uncomplicated man Glow...if i like something it is connected with dinosaurs somehow. Sept 13, 2014 23:10:38 GMT 1
Gorvar: Oh bollocks just found out it only had one season, prolly ends with a cliffhanger to. This is like Stargate Universe all over again... Sept 13, 2014 23:11:51 GMT 1
Gorvar: FYI, still going strong with my dinosaur puns. Seems it's between just you and me now, Glow... Sept 13, 2014 23:13:10 GMT 1 *
Mr. Glow: Does somebody try and jump the old gorge on a dinosaur? Sept 13, 2014 23:38:09 GMT 1
Mister Buch: I am declaring myself bankrupt of title puns. Sept 14, 2014 2:14:47 GMT 1
Gorvar: And victory has never tasted the sweeter.... Sept 14, 2014 10:09:01 GMT 1
Cali: I read that as "Victory has never tasted the sweater". Was wondering if Gorvar was some clothes eating monster. Sept 14, 2014 11:23:21 GMT 1
Gorvar: Clothes eating dinosaur, DINOSAUR. How long have I been here Cali? Get your lore straight, yo! Sept 14, 2014 13:47:11 GMT 1 *