Mock Effect


The Gorvar among us.: That shit would be SO hype.... Jul 16, 2014 10:34:36 GMT 1
The Gorvar among us.: Also NC, Spoony and Linkara team up again once more to review "Bloodrain" with special cameo Cinema Snob. A lot of star power for a review... Jul 16, 2014 10:35:13 GMT 1
Mister Buch: Cheers Gorvar - I liked that one! Jul 16, 2014 13:49:46 GMT 1
jklinders: it helped that he stayed away from some kind of rubbish story. It's mean but those two actors he hired have got to go, Linkara and Spoony have built their own followings and are funny in their own right but now those two actors Jul 16, 2014 18:44:05 GMT 1
The Gorvar among us.: I dunno, i do like Malcolm and Tamara, Rachel before that. Besides Doug hired them for x amount of time so might as well make the msot out of them. And you are welcome Buch old boy, old bean, old sport, old...old...YOU ARE OLD! Jul 16, 2014 19:49:14 GMT 1
Mister Buch: I agree - three reviewers is already pushing too many personalities, so in this case the two actors were REALLY unnecessary. Also I haven't watched his videos for a year, but has the female actor there been replaced with a new one? This one's better! Jul 16, 2014 21:49:23 GMT 1
Mister Buch: I got a big belly laugh from the joke about Spoony's Twitter controversy thing. God I remember that. I stopped following the lot of them. Too much internet drama...... I hate that. Jul 16, 2014 21:50:49 GMT 1
The Gorvar among us.: Rachel left for California I think and has a job there now so they had to replace her with Tamara who was in the Catwoman review hence they kept her. She was introduced in the Wicker Man review which also had Spoony and Cinema Snob cameos. Jul 16, 2014 22:57:56 GMT 1
The Gorvar among us.: Good news; Trailer for Walking Dead Season 2 episode 4 is out and this one already has the feels in it. Bad news; trailer for Sharknado 2 is out....and it's pretty fucking stupid. Jul 17, 2014 19:49:51 GMT 1
jklinders: More so than the original Sharknado? Dear bleeding moses. Jul 17, 2014 20:44:44 GMT 1
The Gorvar among us.: Yeah, it kinda knows it's bad already so...I dunno. I only gave Megashark vs Giant Octopus a free pass because of the Lamas but THIS?! No way. Jul 17, 2014 22:45:31 GMT 1
The Gorvar among us.: New Jontron is out! Tap A quickly to not die as fast! Jul 17, 2014 23:00:31 GMT 1
The Gorvar among us.: I gotta admit they knew what they were doing with this one. They start us off at everyone's favourite scene. Next to the sex car.... Jul 17, 2014 23:04:28 GMT 1 *
The Gorvar among us.: In this episode we found out the Chinese gave their own unique spin on the Titanic movie narrative...Street fighting Jack vs Purple Mr T and the health items are Lobsters. Also Rose is a Geisha ninja! Jul 17, 2014 23:12:27 GMT 1 *
Mister Buch: The BOOOOSIEST of beat 'em ups! Jul 17, 2014 23:45:39 GMT 1
The Gorvar among us.: WHY DID NO-ONE TELL ME KORRA WAS BACK?! Jul 20, 2014 0:37:16 GMT 1
The Gorvar among us.: So....dat Walking Dead ending. Jul 22, 2014 22:01:47 GMT 1
Mister Buch: Ooh is it out? Jul 22, 2014 22:35:23 GMT 1
Mr. Glow: I'll have to check it out. *puts on badass sunglasses* I'm in the mood for a movie. Jul 22, 2014 23:29:16 GMT 1
The Gorvar among us.: Mind your heart muscles...feels. Jul 22, 2014 23:41:53 GMT 1 *